Hey there and welcome to the workshop! Watch your step, everything here is still a work in progress. If you see something that could be improved, let me know!

I’m currently interested in understanding and building technologies that support creativity. There’s a lot here so let me give you a tour.

First there’s the question of what is creativity? I’ve been thinking about this question in two parts. First, understanding cognition and how it relates to creativity. Secondly, through learning about prominent architects, writers, authors, film makers, animators, researchers, visionaries, artists and scientists. Each have developed their own definitions of creativity and I’m trying to map out the overlaps and differences.

From this foundation, I’m tinkering with cognitive amplifiers. Things that improve or change how we think. Some of these are computational tools. Some are modifications to the physical environment. Some are social experiences. To me, they’re all inter-related.

Oh yeah and check these out! A couple of my favorite things. My bike, camera and a little stack of poems.

Recent notes
Communicating Complex Ideas
Discovery Systems
Language as Material