I'm an interface researcher exploring new ways to interact with text and information.

I’ve done research at NYU focused on creativity support tools, developed interfaces at Midjourney and worked as an interaction designer alongside Hugh Dubberly.

Over the last year, I've been building a novel text editing environment that can help people synthesize messy, unstructured materials. More to share soon!

If my work resonates with you, this is a standing invitation to reach out!


Interface Gallery


jun 3 11:09pm
I have a growing collection of interface sketches in my notebook that I want to make.

Stay tuned...


apr 20 1:27am
Assuming we are able to get enough interpretable features across all aspects of the transformer model, how does this change how we can steer the output? What types of ways to edit and explore are possible now?


mar 10 3:17pm
I’m really excited about interpretability. They're developing a new field of neuroscience for artificial minds.

Compared to biology, the data we need is all there in the activations and weights. If only we can develop the methods and tools to see it.


feb 20 9:47pm
Mechanistic interpretability is fascinating and has a surprising amount of overlap with my interests

By understanding these models better, we may be able to learn new ways to think about the world, and ourselves